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You’re all lovely, and now after debriefing with aforementioned friend (he had an excellent night and I affirmed him a lot and then I started accidentally crying while helping him with coverup, woo! and he did what I wanted him to do which was and hug me and tell me he loved me in his emotionally stunted way of his) I’m going to watch Scrubs and cry until I pass out.

but seriously, thanks. you guys are wonderful, even when (especially when?) I’m a total mess. <3

glompcat said: *hugs*


thanks. my roommate cuddled with me when she got home and i feel way better now, but yeah, today was shit. 

although by cuddled i mostly mean she threw her whole body over my body while i was reading in my bed and refused to move even when i offered to make her late lunch

glompcat said: B, D, J, Z

B - I’m going to go way old school on this one and say Harry/Luna. Textually I never really understood it, and then there was this one fic? I couldn’t find it anymore that basically just retold the James/Lily scenario as Harry/Luna and it was great, and then Jordan and I wrote a 20k epic about Harry and Luna being platonic besties who live together and adopt babies for life. So. That was a monumental shift.

D - Clint/Darcy. I’ve gotten a bunch of fic from authors I love recced to me for Clint/Darcy, but I just… can’t. I wish, but I can’t.

J - TEEN WOLF. Ruined forever.

Z - I’ve been having a lot of feelings about Derek Hale and his tattoo lately because I did a bunch of research about the triskelion? And like the triskelion has a lot of associations, but one of them (like one of the originals) is that the triskelion is associated with Hephaestus. So there’s this whole level on which Derek literally tattooed fire into his back because he’s an emotionally stunted self-loathing little bastard. and I love him.

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"biological women with biological women is always lesbianism!!!!!!!!"

- a wonderful attempt to explain why transmen were included in an anthology about lesbians even though they self-identified EXPLICITLY IN THE TEXT AS STRAIGHT MEN



in short: jaime why are we doing this to ourselves

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Geeze so everyone in Poke-land is a vegetarian, but they’re okay with pitting the creatures up against each other in combat?? Pssshshshshshhhhffffffffffffffh

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Pretty much 100% sure they do in fact eat Pokemon.
I don’t want this.
My friend is having the same reaction I’m having which is “this is so saaad. My pokemon don’t eat other pokemon. And neither do I.”
Okay good.

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// guys i got three really, really sweet tumblr messages today//

i love you, you’re the best, i woud be sad and lonely without the internet

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I hope you are ok?

Is, “I’m fine, my face is just leaking semi-violently” a real response to this question? Because if so, that.

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Oooh that sounds delicious!

Right? omg it’s the first time I get to break out my 800-page dessert book for real, too, so I’m super pumped, AND part of this recipe is just a recipe for lemon cream????? NGH MY BODY IS READY

glompcat said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Thank you! 

So far this grand morning I’ve worked out for two hours and convinced my mom that I can make myself my own birthday dessert… So lemon-blueberry shortcakes it is! HAH. 

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Crying with laughter crying or there is something wrong type crying? Because if it is the former, grandmas tend to be pretty unintentionally funny, and if it is the latter what is wrong/feel better?

Oh, whoops, haha. No, funny laughing. She’s just… she’s such a mild-mannered person, I don’t know if I’ve ever actually seen her this angry. My Japanese is increasingly crappy, but what I’m getting from this diatribe she’s going on is “stupid fucking woman, don’t pack toothbrush, shit, idiot” 

Also, no hearing aids, so she’s basically just yelling Japanese obscenities and moaning over the things she remembered to pack (two oil of olay??????? What the fuck do I need two oil of olay for, stupid, shit).

I’m much more under control now, and I’m going to run out and get her proper dental hygiene supplies, but. Jesus. I would’ve paid to hear my grandma swear that much yesterday.

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  1. I was named after my mom’s high school outrigger canoe team. I mean, really. When she explains where she got the name “Malia” - which, I’d like to point out, is an incredibly common name in Hawaii, where she was born and raised - she tells this story about the Kai Malia and how she liked the way the words sounded together. Okay, mother.
  2. I’ve always had a really hard time sleeping. Frankly, I’ve had diagnosable sleeping problems since I was about three. When I was little, my parents would have to lay down and read to me and spray “monster spray” and light a “good dreams” candle by my bed and then recite a certain lullabye or I couldn’t sleep. And that went on until I was about 8. Throw in there that I started having screaming-crying night terrors when I was 4 and that there were two separate periods in my life where I only slept during the day on the couch for about two hours (mid 8th-grade and summer after sophomore year of high school) and you’ve got a pretty fucked up sleeper. Add to that that from 8th-12th grade I could only sleep if a David Suchet - no one else, seriously, only David Suchet - audio book was on, and I am well and truly one of the worst sleepers I know. To this day, I know I’m actually stressed out and not just tired when I stop being able to sleep.
  3. I like humid heat better than dry heat - seriously, give me Minnesota over Utah any day, and Hawaii over any other climate I’ve ever been in - but I sleep best in nearly sub-zero temperatures. 
  4. I’m quite proficient at dragon boating. After I quit competitive swimming in high school, it was my sport of choice.
  5. Physically, my type re: men is, um, incredibly unfortunate. Because I’m drawn to bros. I mean, big guys in general do it for me, but part of the reason I stick so close to all my queer lady friends when I go out is I know they’ll drag my ass away from all the bros I drunkenly want to sleep with. 
  6. There was this time in high school (and by time I mean two full years) when I ran a support group for young people dealing with grief. The extent to which I’m not joking still kind of astounds me. We had meetings every week and everyone had a go-to partner to call when they were really upset so the hand-holding was spread out and no one felt too overwhelmed. About half of the group was kids who had terminally ill parents (and about half of those parents died while I was their little pasted-together leader), so I would organize group hospital visits and went to all the funerals and put together eat-all-the-food-people-give-you-when-someone-dies parties and once, memorably, actually got the venue and a catering company for a last-minute wake. It felt so personal and important to me that I never even did anything like, I don’t know, tell my friends, or put it on my college applications, or ask for help. It was just something I did. I didn’t understand why it was noteworthy, even though it was a big part of the reason I never really made an effort to hang out with anyone outside of school. 
    Sometimes I really want to get a time machine and give high school me a hug. 
  7. My first two celebrity crushes were 1) Chris Kratt of the Kratt brothers and 2) Keiko from Zoom. I was a member of the Kratt Brothers fanclub when I was three. I have the signed autograph and copy of my first (and only) fan letter to prove it.
  8. I have a box of letters and pictures from a retreat in high school, and I add to it all the time. When I’m sad I take it out and read everything in it - everything. It only works sometimes. Anymore, with all the people I’ve lost touch with, sometimes it just makes me feel guilty.
  9. I wanted to be a scientist for my entire childhood. I didn’t switch to the humanities until high school. Now I feel entirely out of place in the sciences, and am actually remarkably uninterested in them.
  10. I convinced myself I wasn’t queer for most of high school because I went to an all-girls school and never had a crush on anyone. Then I developed the worst crush of all time on one of my really close friends. HAH. FOILED. 

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frankly this is probably the only appropriate response to my… everything… right now.