everythingbutcarlotta asked you: dear renegadeprincess,

wow. okay. Fee, here is a palanca, because you wrote one for me when we were 17 and i keep it in my dormroom for when i’m sad. i guess megan here is saying it’s time you had one, too.

you are one of the kindest and most kickass humans i’ve ever known. you’re also - and this is something i admire about you deeply, and something i strive to be myself but with varying levels of success - so overwhelmingly good that i have a hard time putting it into words. i don’t think it’s possible to teach goodness the way you are good; it’s inherent, and beautiful, and it seeps out of you. i feel so lucky to have known you and to have been loved by you and to be privy to the intricacies of what makes you the person you are, because above all else you are phenomenal.

the rest is under the cut because it is long and really mushy and i understand if other people don’t want to read a huge love letter to my best friend.

i’m glad i found you, or you found me, or we found each other, or however you want to articulate making a song about chicken hats during a neverending fire alarm in freshman year of high school (good friendships are always, i think, built on the absolutely absurd). and i’m glad i kept you, or you kept me, or we kept each other, or some force knew we needed to be kept together, because even when we go months without doing much more than liking each other’s tumblr posts talking to you is always easy and natural and right. i know that you have my back, and even if i say those words to other people, i scarcely ever mean them as much as i do with you. i know you have my back, and i hope you know that i have yours, always

i know always is always hyperbole to some extent (because, for instance, i would like more than anything at the moment to take a week-long break from school and make you enough meals to last you the rest of term and listen to you talk about your dad and affirm that there is literally no man in the world good enough for you, though i’ll support whichever one you choose so long as you’re sure, and maybe even meet your pony. i can’t, though, because i have responsibilities, or whatever, and not enough money, or something. stupid.) but as true as always can be without being hyperbole - that is how much i have your back.

i’m bad at keeping in touch with people and i tend to have friendships that are so specific they fall apart when our circumstances do, like when someone moves, changes schools, stops liking something, switches teams, etc. i never feared our relationship would suffer because we went to school so far away from each other. it never even crossed my mind. even when we should have nothing in common the two of us do well together; if there’s such a thing as soulmates (and there has to be, in my opinion), i’m pretty sure you’re one of mine. 

you are so wonderful, and i admire you so much, and i love you so, so much. if for some reason you end up a spinster you can come home to me every day and tell me about work while i cook dinner for you and rear our adopted children, okay? megan will be there too. possibly jordan, but i understand you guys have to meet her first. that seems pretty ideal though, honestly. and those kids would be fucking boss as shit.

in conclusion, you’re the best, let’s get platonic polymarried, and i love you absolutely the most. 

kisses and hearts and threatening to beat up(/actually beating up) people who hurt you forever,